• Donate to Key Life

    Donate to Key Life

    God was doing fine before Key Life came along, and he'll be doing fine long after we're gone. Still, as long as Key Life exists, we'll be sharing the message of God's radical grace to sinners and sufferers. But we can't do it alone.

    We need your help, and so do countless Christians who are suffering under the burden of do-more, try-harder religion.

    If God has worked through Steve Brown and Key Life to make a difference in your life, please consider sending a gift to help set more captives free. Every gift, of any amount, makes a big difference.

    If you can't give, or if you simply don't want to give, please don't feel any guilt about that. We aren't into pressure or manipulation.

    If you can give, your contributions will be used to "Help get you, and those you love, Home with radical freedom, infectious joy, and surprising faithfulness to Christ as your crowning achievement."

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    Certified Member - Canadian Council of Christian Charities
    Contact: Via Email or 1-800-KEY-LIFE
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